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THB Law Group consists of legal professionals dedicated to assisting clients through our offices conveniently located in North and South Carolina. Our goal is to utilize the best technology to provide legal services to our clients via telephone, virtual meetings, and in-office consultations. For additional information, please take a look at our list of services or contact our office today.

Our offices are committed to assisting clients with a variety of legal needs. We pride ourselves on helping individuals and companies navigate the legal world and are happy to accommodate you in any way necessary.

Contact our office today to let us know how our experienced team can assist you to obtain the best possible results.

A Message From Managing Partner

Brian W. Tyson of THB Law Group is a native of Charlotte, NC. He began his legal career in 2006 and since then has performed and reviewed legal issues in a number of practice areas, including residential real estate lawcommecial real estate, estate administration, and estate planning. As a licensed attorney in both North and South Carolina, Brian believes in fundamental fairness and proper representation. He puts his valuable  skills and practical experience to use to best understand and accomplish his clients’ needs.
Diversity Statement
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Commitment to the Community

Brian Tyson at THB Law Group

Brian is truly committed to his local community, which is why he joined the Minority Council of Professional Development. The organization’s mission is to bring awareness to the importance of diversity and inclusion in corporate America while providing guidance to the next generation on how to be a successful professional.