Our Diversity Statement

At THB Law Group, diversity and inclusion is on our list for professional goals. We believe that the law field can benefit by working alongside counsel with diverse backgrounds and working for marginalized groups to resolve issues they may face. We strive to meet each of our client’s unique needs and give each of them the respect and professional representation that THB Law Group is known for. We aim to assist all individuals in our community, and to foster better relationships and connections with those who have diverse backgrounds, outlooks, and interests.

For more information on diversity in the practice of law nationwide, please visit the American Bar Association’s Diversity Initiatives Page,  https://www.americanbar.org/groups/diversity where they work to remove barriers for lawyers of color, women lawyers, layers with disabilities, and sexual preference, and transgendered lawyers.

The North Carolina Bar Association and South Carolina Bar also works to diversify law practices through their Minorities in the Profession Committee, which connects currently practicing attorneys of diverse backgrounds, and allows them to connect and foster relationships with other attorneys, or those from diverse backgrounds interested in becoming an attorney.