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Estate Planning

When it comes to planning your future, the protection of your family and your assets is our first priority. Whether you want to plan your estate or simply avoid unnecessary tax liabilities, turn to the experienced attorneys at the THB Law Group for all the legal advice you need.

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What is Estate Planning?

An estate plan is a series of legal documents that anticipates and plans for your present and future needs, tailored to fit the unique aspects of each individual. A standard estate plan will typically include a Will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Advance Directive. Other documents that can be added include Trusts and Guardianship of Minor Children.

Our Simple Estate Planning Process:

Our goal is to make estate planning as stress free as possible, while still covering all your legal wants and needs. The process involves an attorney and various support staff, who are eager to provide efficient and personal customer service. We are happy to accommodate any requests, and typical estate plans follow the process below:

1. Initial Telephone Conference
Your initial meeting with and attorney or paralegal will be a personal phone call or video call, in which you can address your specific needs and ask questions regarding the overall process and your options.

3. Estate Plan Drafting and Client Review
Once you have returned your Intake Worksheet, our team will draft your documents and forward you an electronic version to review.

2. Engagement and Information Gathering
Following the initial call, our office will contact you and provide a link to sign a digital Engagement Letter*, which confirms our relationship in representing you as a client. Following your formal engagement with our office, we will forward you an Intake Worksheet*, which will allow us to gather information about your family, assets, personal needs, and other information needed to prepare your documents.

4. Estate Plan Execution and Conclusion of Engagement
Once you have approved a final version of your Estate Plan, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to execute the documents. This meeting typically takes an hour, and an attorney will review the estate plan with you to ensure accuracy and understanding. Under the laws of both North Carolina and South Carolina, certain estate plan documents must be executed by two witnesses and a Notary Public, all of whom will be provided  by our office. Following the execution of your estate plan the documents will be finalized and the originals will be shipped to you in a timely manner.

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    Estate Planning Resources

    Our estate plans come with the following documents: Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney (Durable and Healthcare), Living Will & Physician Directive, and an optional Living Trust. For more information about these documents, check out our resources and pricing information below.

    Why Should I Get An Estate Plan?

    In our ever changing and fast paced society, estate planning is now more interesting, important, and accessible than ever. Finance, lifestyle, privacy, nontraditional families, and longevity of life are all aspects that can be used to create the best estate plan for your needs. No matter who you are, having an estate plan can make your life, and the life of your loved ones, immensely easier. With just a few simple steps you can create an estate plan to give you a lifelong peace of mind.

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