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Judicial Sales

Have you recently inherited a property from a loved one? Do you need to determine your rights and interest in a property? These matters may be resolved through the judicial sale process supervised by the Court.

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When is a Judicial Sale Necessary?

  • You’ve and others have recently inherited a piece of property
  • You own a piece of property and another owner is trying to remove you
  • You are the legal representative of a minor child who holds interest in a property

We fight to protect your rights and help to administrate justice for you and your loved ones. Here at THB Law Group, we know that no one likes to fight with family, so allow us to use our knowledge of the system and complex legal situations to help you with your needs.

Partition Actions

This typically arises when a piece of property has been inherited or passed by intestate succession. There are two types of partition actions: Partition by Sale and Partition in Kind.

    1. Partition by Sale is governed by state law, in which the court will determine whether the property must be sold at either a private or public sale.
    2. Partition in Kind occurs when the property can be divided without causing substantial financial injury to the co-owners, and usually occurs with large parcels of land owned by many individuals.

Both types of Partition actions can begin with a minimum $500.00 down retainer fee to engage with our office. We will determine who has ownership interest in the property, the rights of each co-tenant, and what the best course of action in order to sell or maintain the property and its value. Any further costs will be determined and paid through the judicial sale process as outlined by state law. State law allows the court to award attorney’s fees, a seamless process with no additional upfront costs to you.

Commissioner Services

At THB Law Group, we have ample experience in real estate and litigation matters, making us an ideal candidate to act as a commissioner of a sale. Our office has performed judicial sales throughout North Carolina, and can assist with the various procedures of filing, publication, selling, and reporting.

Contact us to request THB Law Group to serve as your Commissioner of Sale.

Trustee Services

Here at THB Law Group, we have a vast amount of experience serving as the trustee in numerous judicial sales, and are deeply familiar with the filings and deadlines that govern this process. Our office has performed various judicial sales throughout the Carolinas, and can assist with the procedures of filing, publication, selling, and reporting.

If you are creditor, or a legal firm representing a creditor, who needs to foreclose on a security interest, timing is everything. We are a result driven company and we strive to exceed your expectations and provide outstanding service. Our goal is to foster professional relationships for the future, and we look forward to serving your needs.

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    Judicial Sales Resources

    We strive to keep you up-to-date on the latest information and practices. For more information about Judicial Sales, please check out our resources below:

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